We are excited to be consigning a Trained Cow Dog" Casey" to The 36 annual Colyer production Sale February 22, 2016 in Bruneau, Idaho.  A clinic and demonstration of cattle dogs, including Casey, will be held in conjunction with the Bull sale preview on Sunday.  We are also offering a donation puppy out of SCR Reinee co-owned by Scott Creek Ranch of Weiser, Idaho  (Reinee  mother of puppy was one of the top Nursery dogs in 2015 and qualifier for The 2016 National Cattle Dog Finals).  All bull buyers will be eligible for puppy drawing.  
 For flipping catalog on the nations best Bulls and Broken Circle Border Collie "Casey" please go to link above. Casey will be sold Monday  look for details in Catalog. 




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I'm Robin  N
uffer. I specialize in stockmanship and raising, handling and training great working ranch dogs.

And when
it comes to working cattle -- whether it's in a feedlot, sale yard, in the mountains, or on a ranch -- there's no better partner than a well-trained dog.

And that's what Broken Circle Border Collies is all about -- well-trained working dogs.

This website gives you information about me and my background.

2 time National Cattle Dog Champion  ( National Cattle Dog Association & United States Border Collie Handlers Assoc.)

Broken Circle Wizz Championship run
Open Horseback 2013

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Learn out about my cattle dog training.

Find out about my breeding program and Shep, who is Standing at Stud. 

My Gallery includes photos of some of the greatest working dogs I've had the pleasure to train and to work with.

If there is additional information you'd like to know, please Contact Me.

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