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We are offering Broken Circle Quita as a sale dog in 
The Colyers Annual Bull Sale Monday February 27, 2017
as a fully trained , experienced ranch dog in the sale instead of Stone , who is listed in the catalog.  
Quita is an exceptional female who has also been a proven producer of cattle dogs.. She goes back to my Reba X Shep lines. video and more info coming soon. For information on buying/bidding on her please refer to catalog.  please click on picture below for info


Broken Circle Quita

Quita is a very talented mature female with a tremendous amount of drive.  She has a great amount of presence and manages stock like a machine.  She has a natural drive and intensity, which in imperative for working cattle. She is not listed in the catalog.. I had a younger dog listed and because of our extreme weather here in central Idaho I didn't get the training into him as I had hoped, so I am bringing my top gun , Quita to the bull sale instead.
She is one of the 2 best females I own.  She has been an outstanding producer of ranch dogs all across the country as well. Quita is out of a Reba X "Geordons Shep" female.. She has an excellent proven pedigree of everything I have tried to produce in the last 25 years.. They are my best!
She excels in working out on the open range and pen work.. She thinks about her job.  She doesn't create chaos and bites when necessary.  She gives the cattle time to think.  Quita has a correct bite, low on the heels, front foot or face, no trashy biting!  Quita has also one several ranch trials and will work for anybody.
She is a natural driver (pushing cattle) and has a great feel of balance when gathering.. she wants to please and makes working cattle fun!
Quita is on a full set of whistle commands as well as voice.  She works from a horse, foot or 4 wheeler.. Most of her work has been out in the mountains.  She is fully trained with a life of experience.. She is very friendly, loves people and an intense worker.  She has also tested clear for CEA eye disease and has excellent hips.
I would love for Quita to go where she can work and be a great asset to whoever the lucky person is that gets to own her. 


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I'm Robin  N
uffer. I specialize in stockmanship and raising, handling and training great working ranch dogs.

And when
it comes to working cattle -- whether it's in a feedlot, sale yard, in the mountains, or on a ranch -- there's no better partner than a well-trained dog.

And that's what Broken Circle Border Collies is all about -- well-trained working dogs.

*Deposits on puppy litters and fully trained/started dogs

*  puppy deposits are a minimum of $150.00  non-refundable

*  deposits on trained dogs are 1/3 down and non-refundable  paid in full at time of pick-up ( rarely we will refund 1/2 deposit due to certain circumstances we feel redeemable ) never a full deposit

 *  We do not refund or take back Started or Trained dogs that have been sold-
     All sales are final.  We take great pride in fitting a dog to its new owner and custom training it for      the needs of the buyers.. We take our time to train these special dogs for our customers needs. 

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