2018 Pendleton Cattle Barrons Ranch Dog Sale

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Sale May 2018

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The Dog Sale was a huge success.  
Thank you to all the buyers
Lot #2 BC Solo        $11,000
Lot #3 Nelly             $35o0
Lot #4 MLCC Siri   $5250
Lot #5 BC Sage        $6750
Lot #6 Skunk            $5750

Broken Circle Sage   SOLD $6750/ Washington
Circle Sage is a super nice dog.  She is quick on her feet and very athletic.  She is a dog that can go all day.  She will work off an ATV horseback or foot.. She comes from strong genetics that go back to Geordons Shep, Rindal's Cap Broken Circle Sue and Reba. Some of my very best ranch dogs and also dogs that excel in trials due to there willingness to please . She has all the qualities to make a great partner for you on your ranch!  She is owned/trained by Rocky Brown of Broken Circle Border Collies. 

 call Rocky at 208-741-0979

video posted 4-14-18

Broken Circle Sage April 18.mp4

Sage Colyers 2018.mp4

Broken Circle Solo  SOLD $11,000/Idaho


Solo is a red male Border Collie working ranch dog that can do any job. He has a happy disposition and a lot of natural talent. He can gather cattle, drive cattle, and is handy in the corral. Solo is an all-around ranch dog that will work from horseback, 4-wheeler or side by side, and on foot. Also, he is good around people and children

please call Tom Richards  208-249-0040

                                Tom Richards &BC Solo reserve Champions in Winnemucca, NV Cattle Dog Trials

YouTube Video

YouTube Video