Simple Guidelines for Young Working Border Collies
by Robin M. Nuffer

Be the dominant figure in your pup's life.
     2 Be consistent in your pup’s training.  
     3 Set boundaries (leave nothing in the gray area: it is either black or white / right or wrong).  
Make friends with your pup.  Develop a trusting relationship and gain your pup’s respect.
     5 Never allow the pup to stare at livestock or chase livestock unattended.  This creates very bad habits.  He will learn to work for himself when he should always be working for YOU.  
     6  Always be in control of the pup. Remember you are THE master.  
     7 Do not spoil the pup or you will create a monster.  
     8 Keep your pup in a kennel when you are not with him. It is a means of protection and safety. 
     9 Do not be afraid to reprimand the pup for bad behavior.  
   10 Do not forget to REWARD your pup for good behavior.  
   11  Allow your puppy to make mistakes and correct him as you see fit.  Dogs learn through making mistakes, just like humans do.  
   12  Keep verbal commands simple and always use the same tone to allow for degrees of elevation and/or correction within your voice when needed.  
   13 Use low deep growls as correction rather than physical punishment.  Border collies are extremely smart and will never forget abuse or the location in which they were hurt. They may never trust you again.  
   14  ALWAYS have a goal in mind when you enter your training pen -- what you want to accomplish and how.  It may be a simple goal. Be determined and consistent.  
   15  When your pup is distracted by livestock, birds or even herding children he is ready to start training.