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Broken Circle Cherry   posted November 16, 2017
Beautiful dark red and White female

BC Cherry is 12 month old red female Border Collie. She has happy disposition and a lot of natural ability, which includes a beautiful balance and gather.  She gets along well with people and enjoys other dogs. She is trained to verbal commands.  Her commands are: away (right), come by (left), hold (stop), walk (advance), behind (come back) and comes to her name. Very easy dog to get along with and easy to train.   She has a very desirable cattle dog linage..

$3000.00  please call 208-249-0040

                                               Cherry Today.................................................

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                                               Cherry 6 months ago..........................

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BC Slam & BC Cherry posted 6-6-17
litter mates out of Scarlet by BC Ty
both pups priced at $1500  Sold as A fully trained dog-- Kansas

  Slam:  Scarlet has produced numerous outstanding tough confident cattle dogs, including Jeff Clausen's  BC Gurdi  which is one of the best I've seen out of her.. 
Slam will bite hard, he is Loyal and consistent ready for full training.. He means business! Slam is black & white smooth coat



               Pressure and Release Training Collars
Pressure and Release training collars made exclusively for Broken Circle Border Collies with a lifetime guarantee.   This Collar helps make training simple and straight forward, with my training methods of All aspects of releasing the pressure, through body movement, ropes and collar.  
This collar is made with the finest double stitch harness leather, brass buckles and slider, copper pressure points for grabbing and quick release .  Made here in Idaho  Price $58.00 SH $4.00
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Broken Circle Border Collies
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Indian Valley, ID  83632

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Robin (Nuffer) BROWN
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