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BC Elkin
14 week old Male pup he is not afraid of any situation.  He is a well rounded neat pup.  He goes everywhere , crosses water jumps across logs  no hesitation.  He is already wanting to work the sheep with style!  Elk is very well socialized!  His father is Shep's last son Broken Circle Ty

Mae X Lyle East's Mo

 2 male puppies available -8 weeks old, vaccine and wormer.  These pups are located in West Plains, Missouri.  Mae is used on a cattle ranch and is super obedient and willing to please to get a job done.  Mae goes back to Loren Holmes Helga who excelled in the trials. 
The father is Lyle East "Mo" who has also has an excellent track record as well. for more information on Mo

 for information please call:  Brendon Wilson at (417) 293-9564
  price $800

                                   Bruno is a striking pup with awesome ears.  This little
                                    guy likes to go everywhere, super friendly

                                Rico is a mostly black pup, short hair and a 
                                   super sweet nature

                                  Lyle East's  "MO"  (Father to pups)

                                        Brendon Wilson's "Mae"  (Mother to pups)

Broken Circle "Bat Girl" aka Bea  posted Feb 20 Sold Prescot, AZ

This little female is a blast to work.  Bat Girl is almost 10 months old, she is gaining in training, where she is working every other day.  Love Love Love her!  She will make a great started dog for anyone wanting to use her on a ranch or in competition.  Bat Girl has a great personality & pedigree that goes back to dogs that made a statement Broken Circle Sue, BC Creasey, JR Red, Willy & Lena
Priced at $1900.00 through March 2018

Red Rum:  Male 10 months old      Sold:   Prineville , Oregon
This eye catcher is a movement creator.. He is serious about his work and training. Rum is a beautiful red/white long coated, prick ear male.  He is super friendly and loves everybody.. Rum is always happy & has a big bright future ahead of him. He is consistently gaining experience through training to be a super dog!
Price $1850  through March 2018



               Pressure and Release Training Collars
Pressure and Release training collars made exclusively for Broken Circle Border Collies with a lifetime guarantee.   This Collar helps make training simple and straight forward, with my training methods of All aspects of releasing the pressure, through body movement, ropes and collar.  
This collar is made with the finest double stitch harness leather, brass buckles and slider, copper pressure points for grabbing and quick release .  Made here in Idaho  Price $58.00 SH $4.00
send Check to:  
Broken Circle Border Collies
2153 Ogle Lane 
Indian Valley, ID  83632

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Robin (Nuffer) BROWN
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