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Broken Circle "Gabe"  Reinee X Miles posted August 5, 2019
"Gabe" is an exceptional 4 month old pup.. He is super smart , sensitive and shows great qualities of both parents.. He has no fear of the walks we take every day and loves to dive in and explore the river the rocks and is keyed on working the livestock
He has short hair  tri-color and one pretty blue eye. This pup is special!  oh yea  and he talks!!!
Price $1600

Reinee X Miles   puppy Broken Circle Gabe
This will be a  SUPER COW DOG where legends will come from!
 Broken Circle Gabe  Mother is SCR Reinee:  she is an outstanding dog and impressive to watch  Miles pedigree (Stormy & Sweet is a proven cross that produces strong , confident cattle dogs) more info on Reinee and Miles go to Breeders page
price $1500 

Miles (Father)

Reinee (Mother)

"Rip" Impressive Genetics; Double Bred BC Sue, Rindal's Cap, Geordon's Shep,
LR Alexander's Griz all bundled up in this slick coated, 9 month old, male Border Collie . He is ready to start his career in training.
priced at $1000 please call for information