2020 Red Bluff Consigned dogs

Meet Broken Circle "Rhoda"
Red Bluff Catalog Lot #20
Double Bred Sue top & bottom Check out her pedigree below

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Just doing a little work with Rhoda and Schmitt

Rhoda and Schmitt Red Bluff Lot #20 and #7 Red Bluff 2020.mp4

Cow Dog Deluxe

Rhoda is an exceptional dog with and outstanding pedigree. (Double Bred Sue!)
 Broken Circle Rhoda was bred by us , started and fully trained.. She is a strong female with intensity and drive to get any job done. We are happy and excited to have Rhoda consigned to 2020 Red Bluff Stock Dog sale please feel free to call anytime with questions. Rhoda will impress you and videos are coming!  She is on Whistle and voice commands works off a horse ATV and on foot 208-741-0969

 Meet "Schmitt" 2020 Red Bluff bound!
Red Bluff Catalog Lot #7
Schmitt is a super cool dog.  He will be 2 years old the time of the sale and a perfect age for a dog to do all types of ranch work.  He is ready to go.. He is a real keen dog with a great gather and obedience to work.. I love a black dog!  He is friendly, sensitive enough for a great handle and a neat mover. Quick and athletic on his feet..  Schmitt has had experience with mountain pairs on West Mountain Indian Valley range in Central Idaho.  I really love this dog! please call with any questions anytime.  
Robin Brown #208-741-0969 Videos coming

Schmitt 2019 Red Bluff 2020.mp4

                                 Keeping Schmitt in Shape through the winter

Schmitt Snow .mp4