2012 Dogs Sold

"ADEL"  (Reba X WIZZ) to Sam Hobley--- Dillon , MT

"CJ" sold to John and Laura Dixon of Pomeroy, WA

"Broken Circle Moseley"

"KEM"     Started female (Sue X Shep Lines) sold to Mike&Cindy Jones, San Diego, CA

"NICK" Trained Dog sold at THE PENDLETON CATTLE BARONS SALE to Ryan Aresvelt, WA

"CAS" , Trained male , sold to Byron Dasher--------Augusta, GA

"Amiga" and Doug Byers of LaGrande, OR --------- Trained female (Reba X Creasy)

"Ben"  3 year old trained male new owner Nate Eames Rupert, ID

"Steve"  yearling Broken Circle Lines sold to Justin & Sunny Christiansen, Melba, ID

"Miller"   (Heidi X Neo)  sold to Dick Levy, Echo Oregon

"Rooster"   ( Broken Circle Sue lines)   Rod McGrew,  CA


"Chato" aka Slingshot  (Heidi X Rocky)


"Boone" ( Reba X Wizz)  ready to start:  sold to Patricia Keeley. Curtis WA

"Birdy"  sold to Jim Baremore, LaGrande, OR

  "Slate" aka "ROD"

Congratulations! Rod  was sold to Michelle Milton of Caliente, CA for $6,500 - record high selling cow dog at the Winnemucca Ranch Rodeo Dog Sale on March 2-3, 2011

MOBY sold to Peggy Thompson, San Jose , CA
New Owner of the 3rd highest selling Red Bluff Dog

MOBY is the Intermountain Series year end Nursery dog winner

Placed 1st and "All Around"  at THE BAR MK trail in LaGrande

Placed "All Around" and 1st in his second trial at THE LITTLE CREEK RANCH cow dog trial in North powder , OR

Took home the highest scoring Nursery dog in the "All Around" for the Series at The SS CATTLE DOG Trails in Cambridge, Idaho.

Moby is a great ranch dog: easy to work and a "pleaser"  he is a fun dog to be around and has lots of character. Loves people and Cattle!  Bites both ends and can cast 300-400 yards.  Also listens at those distances.   Which is a bonus for such a young male dog.

Check out the videos as we fall gather together as a team.


YouTube Video


Moby Heel bite


 Moby 500 yard outrun and gather

Moby in Action

Smirk - New owner is Paul Shultes, South Dakota


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