2023 May 6 Pendleton Cattle Barons Western Select Stock Dog Sale 

Western Select Stock Dog Sale

SBC Lou Consigned to Pendleton Whiskey Select Stock Dog Sale

I wanted to bring an outstanding dog to Pendleton Cattle Barons 2023. Lou is the type of dog you can go anywhere with & natural balance & gather built in. Lou is a dog that is a thinking machine and gets the job done. Lou has the breeding that comes from a Sue cross x 3, who was one of the best producing females in the Cattledog industry of generations. Her pedigree also has one of the best ranch dogs and tough trial-winning dogs I have ever owned and trained "Goodwin Reb" also Geordons Shep the toughest dog in his time. BC Wizz was the 2013 Open NCA Champion with the most beautiful flawless run I have ever had. This line is consistent, proven, and works! Lou has genetic DNA panel through Optimal Wisdom 100% clear. She has produced a great litter and is a great mother. Please take note of this great female and refined Genetics of over several generations. Lou is a MUST buy. She is on voice and whistle commands.  please feel free to call me at 208-741-0969  www.brokencirclebordercollies.com 

Broken Circle Rapp Consigned to Pendleton Whiskey Select Stock Dog Sale

Broken Circle Rapp is a great dog I am excited to bring some of my best genetics  to the sale this year. Whether you need and experienced ranch dog or cometitive trail dog.  He is willing to do any task you ask of him. Check out his extaordinary pedigree! He has traveled everywhere with me to clinics and trials since he was a pup..  I have used him as a demonstration dog  in clinics beacause he will work for anybody.  Rapp also has experience moving cow/calf pairs and yearling on the forest range allotmnet of a central Idaho grazing assoc.. He is fully trained, will work horseback , 4W, foot. Rapp also  has a full set of Whistle and voice commands and will be a very helpful asset to your ranch needs. Watch for upcoming vides at  www.brokencirclebordercollies.com  /  FB Broken Circle Stock Dogs or call anytime with questions Robin Brown 208-741-0969