Art of the Cowgirl- Robin Brown Clinic , Stock Dog Sale and Ranch Trial

January 19-20, 2022 Queens Creek Arizona

Learn the Fundamentals and set a solid foundation for your ranch dog. Robin has been using the art of pressure and release. The effect it has on the dog is magical. This method allows your dog to think through problems with the least amount of pressure. Robin teaches practical skills that relate to both the handler and the dog. Robin has a unique ability to bridge the gap between the dog, handler and stock and brings communication to a higher level.

Robin Nuffer-Brown was born and raised on a third-generation cattle ranch in Idaho, where the mountains and valleys were a classroom and here she learned all aspects of ranching and the art of being a cowgirl. Inspired by how the swift intellect, grace, and tough spirit of the working stockdog made every job more efficient, less stressful and easier, she set about trailblazing a path to training and working with Border Collies. For over 35 years, stockmanship and mutual respect have been essential to her work, and her methods have brought national wins and titles early in her career, though the greatest accomplishments have been raising three beautiful daughters and teaching all the dogs and people along the way. Robin focuses on training, giving clinics, demonstrations, and lessons across the country (and at home in Idaho). She also has a one-of-a-kind Border Collie workshop Retreat that is a life changing experience and game changer for learning.

*Clinic cost incudes 5 day pass to Art of the Cowgirl

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