Art of The Cowgirl Clinic, Dog Sale, Cowdog Trial  2023

Please go to my clinic information on the link below The clinic is over half full .. Last year I had a waiting list   So please do not miss this is a awesome opportunity to learn form 35 years experience in the cattle dog industry.. I was on the very first board of The United States Border Collie Handlers Association to organize the first USBCHA Cattle Dog trials &  The first National Cattle Dog Association.( I have also been on The American Border Collie Association BOD) I brought The Horseback class to the finals  along with the first intermediate class which my intentions were to have a class for the ranchers to compete.. I have set up courses  for cattledog trials of all types for over 25 years.. I fit the courses to the type of cattle.. I adjust the obstacles to fit the cattle.. I create a little bit of flow and always have resistance at teh obstacles. Anyone who knows me knows I like a challenging course  where stockmanship is imperitive to me.. My courses are designed with this as a priority in all I do. I have also judged The USBCHA finals along with many others.. I like fairness and sportsmanship.  I have been involved in every aspect of Border Collies: Working on our 3rd generation Cattle ranch in all areas of ranching and dog work, training trialling, clinician and workshops throughout The United States and Canada.  I specialize in fully trained dogs for the rancher.  I have sent dogs to over 5 countries and I am the happiest person when I have my dogs by my side!

My AOTC Clinic

This is a great opportunity to work with one of the best in the cow dog industry, Robin Nuffer Brown. Robin will also be presenting and hosting a cow dog trial at the 2023 Art of the Cowgirl event. 

Bring your dog and learn from Robin all aspects of starting and refining your dog’s skills. Open to all levels and all breeds of Cattle dogs. All phases of work will be covered at this event from starting a dog, sending, balancing, driving, and much more. Robin will give individualized instruction to each participant to make sure you get the teaching to the skills you would like to learn or improve upon.

Art of The Cowgirl  Cattle Dog Trial   entry form:   entries open November 15, 2022 /closes Jan 5, 2023

Art of the Cowgirl Trial 2023.pdf