Border Collie Works Institute Workshop Week and Retreat

Broken Circle Border Collie Works Institute

Workshop Week and Retreat

An intuitive approach to learning with your partner and companion, teacher and student come together, an integrated, immersive, and exciting opportunity to gain experience and so much more. 6 days dedicated to you, there will be a range of courses and activities we can do to enrich and bolster your knowledge. Through observation, careful study, and hands-on approach you will gain trust in yourself and your dog will gain confidence in you. Once this trust is achieved it makes working with your dog a more seamless cooperation.

You can learn on the job skills under the supervision and guidance of someone who has worked in the industry for a lifetime. Together we will work to build necessary skills that will strengthen your performance and efficacy in your goals. 

The focus will be entirely on you. Your time is important, and every minute will be dedicated to learning and working. Your dog will be worked in real life situations and modified training sessions to immerse in the work more fully. There are dogs here in different stages of training, from pups to started dogs and dogs with more experience under their collar. When your dog needs a break, there will be other dogs available for you to work with and learn from. Every dog presents a depth of variables and opportunities for different training and approach, giving you a greater appreciation of the way dogs move and situate, helping you appreciate the strengths of your own dogs, and areas of potential growth. Constant and diversified work which will only enhance your understanding of the relationship between dogs and livestock and yourself.

Training is best with a variety of tasks and scenery. We have lots of options out here and are excited to utilize them. An indoor facility with spectator space, outdoor pens, pastures with natural and man-made (fences/gates) obstacles, are all options for training as well as stretches of tree-lined river and hills. There will be opportunity for working sheep and cattle in small or large groups to fit your level. Communication is a vital part of any job, and I will make it a priority to communicate constructively and effectively. As we work together I will share progress and reflections, and look forward to your own reflections.

I consider myself a workaholic and we will use that to our advantage as much as we can, although it may mean we eat on the run! You will be expected to fulfill many tasks, all within your scope of ability and relevant to our goals. 

When we are not working there are plenty of ways to enjoy beautiful Idaho or relax. River walks in the evening, mountain horseback adventures, scenic fishing, or a forest hike. Everything includes your dog and making the most of this journey.

Here in the lovely heart of Idaho you will have memories and experiences you will cherish for a lifetime. Growing up ranching and seeing the true value of dogs in real life situations inspired the direction and velocity of my life. I have been a teacher of dogs (and people) for 35 years, traveling for competitions and clinics across the country and Canada. Dogs that I have trained and raised have been sold and found working homes throughout this country, as well as Canada, Germany, Czech Republic and more. It is humbling and inspiring to be a part of such an incredible scene of dogs and humanity. Being immersed in the language of dogs and translating their actions and behavior gives me the tools to help you. Each dog is unique and it is an imperative tool to handle them with strength, grace, and stockmanship in order to suit the individual dog. Putting my passion, experience, and expertise together in an orchestrated mashup of a clinic and workshop has been a dream and goal of mine for many years. Broken Circle Border Collie Works is a high echelon, dedicated week of learning the ways of working dogs fluently. I am excited to see it flourish into reality. With patience, heart, and hard work, you will achieve greatness. You and your dog will achieve greatness together. 

Thank you so much for your interest and involvement in this wonderful and unique experience. It is such an exciting moment to engage in inspiring, heartfelt, and impactful collaborative work between people and dogs. I am glad to have this opportunity to teach and learn, enhance and expand, work and transcend what we can do together, and together with our dogs. Thank you again, and best wishes!

*Bring your own dog OR we are offering a completely novel and unique experience. Make this selection on the Registration, where there will be further information.*

*We have set aside 3 started adolescent dogs of high potential, intelligence, and proven lineage for our 2023 season, for you to choose from, work with, and take home at the end of the week. On the first morning that you arrive we will pick out the dog that fits your needs and personality. This pup will be your project for the week and yours to keep. The work you do with your pup here will be an essential foundation to crafting your working companion. This is an exclusive opportunity from championship lines. There will be more information on the Registration. Contact me for further details.

*Bed and breakfast that offers discounts to my clients just down the road (about 5 miles)

*Arrive in the afternoon Monday and depart the following Saturday afternoon

*At the end of the week of courses and exhilaration you will receive a completion certificate from Broken Circle Border Collies and an emblemed jacket.

*The direction and pace of the course is all dependent on your goals, interest, and desires and the week’s agenda is delivered by your motivation, drive, and discipline.

Copy forms and applications/registration below January February, March, April, September & October spots filled (1Workshop a month) 2023

**please email me for details/registration and application forms