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General Breeding Information

I breed for CONFIDENCE in the dog's mind. Confidence is simply POWER.

I also like to put stamina in the dogs. Dogs that have strong bones and good feet that can travel well in all conditions.I love speed and quickness to respond in my dogs.


*Deposits on puppy litters and fully trained/started dogs

*  puppy deposits are a minimum of 1/2 the price of the puppy  non-refundable

*  deposits on trained dogs are 1/2 down and non-refundable  paid in full at time of pick-up ( rarely we will refund 1/2 deposit due to certain circumstances we feel redeemable ) never a full deposit

 *  We do not refund or take back Started or Trained dogs that have been sold-

     All sales are final.  We take great pride in fitting a dog to its new owner and custom training it for  the needs of the buyers.. We take our time to train these special dogs for our customers needs. 


Broken Circle Quill

Quill has a ton of punch, quick to respond . She can move from point A to point B like a cheetah!  She will bite both ends and can be very intence .. I love working this girl. Quill is a slick hair, semi prick ears, black and white.. Quill is a very handsome female with eye appeal  she goes back to some of my favorite dogs. Quill is Double bred Sue  with a dose of Geordons Shep. I really look forward to her future and upcoming litters.

Broken Circle Jenny

Jenny is full of Spice and creates lots of momentum and movement.  She has a get up and go attitude which I really appreciate in a good female.. Her 1/2 sister is Scarlet and I sold her littermate at Red Bluff where she is thriving on a ranch in California.. Jenny is a pretty little red dog with prick ears. She has had 2 litters and I look forward to more nice pups out of her!

Broken Circle Aggie

Aggie Summer 2018.mp4

Broken Circle Scarlet

CERF Eyes tested normal Certified Canine Eye Registration Foundation 

Scarlet is a dark red smooth coat and full of fire.  She has no fear and loaded with intensity and a drive to work.  She is also very happy and loves people . She is completely blind in one eye due to a puppy injury.  It does not slow her down. Her father is Ace (2013 Reserve Red Bluff Champion): you can see his intense working style on  my website as well.  Scarlet goes Back to my Nap 2001 USBCHA National Cattle Dog Champion and Broken Circle Sue"A line of Royalty"!  This Pedigree is outstanding  Hips excellent eye CEA Clear

We are also very proud to have breed Broken Circle Gurdy Winner of 2018 Red Bluff Stock Dog sale and record breaking sale of $30,000.  We are all so proud of the tremendous job Jeff Clausen did training and Handling her at Red Bluff.. I cannot wait to see the upcoming pups from Scarlet.. She has proved herself over and over ..producing outstanding strong confident offspring!!

She will be bred fall of 2019 to BC Solo!

My Proven Studs

Standing at Stud: 

Broken Circle Red Rover

What a special dog he is! Both Rovers parents came from my kennel and are used daily on a ranch  by very talented dog trainers Levi and Rachel Harris   Rover is a super dog, all the breeding you  want in a ranch dog:  extremely smart, very willing to please, just the right amount of confidence wrapped up in a beautiful dark red bundle  I love this dog.. I will be trialing him for fun, this summer 2019 and I am very excited to see him excel...Rover has 10 litters on the ground.  It will be fun to watch them grow and thrive in the cow dog ranch world.  fee $1500

Pedigree dominating dogs  Geordon's Shep Broken Circle Nap (USBCHA National Cattle Dog Champion) Broken Circle Sue ( USBCHA National Cattle Dog Champion)  Ace, Red Bluff Reserve Champion  & Goodwin Reba!

Red Rover July 2018.mp4

Broken Circle Greta VFleet

Greta is a son to Scarlet which speaks volumes of power and confidence, forward moving and driving power with 4wheel drive!  He is a phenominal mover with push like a frieght train.. Greta is a beautiful mahogany dark red. We love this dog.  His father is a grand son to Sue.  His pedigree is outstanding for confident trainable catte dogs.  Fee $1000

Imported Burndel Ben

I feel so fortunate to have brought Ben here to Idaho Summer of 2021. He will be a great asset and sire to my females. He has tons of style, forward movement, athletic and very keen to work. He has a huge amount of intensity and work ethic with a purpose always "to get the job done"!

He is a pleaser to watch and is super consistant. He is not a dog for a begginer and I am learning so much from him. He was trained by David Henderson, who I fell is a brillaint trainer & his accomplishments are incredible!  I am so blessed and look forward to Bens future here at Broken Circle Border Collies

breeding to approved females bred fee $1800

assorted videos belowof our past  Sue bred dogs

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