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Broken Circle Oscar


Oscar is heading to the great state of Montana!

Oscar is a cool dog .. A pretty tri-color black and white with long hair. He will be a small-med size dog weighing about 40lbs He comes from the best of both worlds His mother is Broken Circle Jenny a strong confident female with boldness and grit.. She can move any type of cattle! She goes Back to Sue X Cash and Nap which I won the First ever USBCHA Cattle Dog finals with.

Ben has cutting edge movemnets very forwrd with beautiful style Please check both parents out on my breeders page

Oscar is full of life and ready to go into training I have raised him a well and he is a people pleaser. Oscar will matuure into something very special with the right training and handler. He should have natural gather, confidence, forward, lateral movement and a good balance of cowdog and sheepdog..My scheudual is very tight with clinics this upcoming season and I want him to have his full potential in training. please call for information 208-741-0969

I have freinds traveling from Idaho to New Mexico if that would help with travel the middle of December .

price $1900 posted 12-2-2022