Broken Circle Jenny  by  Broken Circle Groucho (a son to Ox and grandson to Sue) born March 2, 2023 

  1 pup available  Black & White  BC Campbell  He is a very serious and outgowing pup with lots of human interaction. He was one      of my favorite pups in the litter. Campbell has nice strucuture, movement and  very confident. He is black and white, traditionally marked with a smooth coat. 

Jenny ( Check Her out on Breeders Page)  is full of Spice and creates lots of momentum and movement.  She has a get up and go attitude which I really appreciate in a good female. pedigree goes back to Red Bluff Reserve Champion Ace Bc Creasy (Sue x Cash) NAP  Natioanl Nursery Champion and Sue 3 times in generation. What a find!!!!!!! Groucho has style and looks good while he is moving.  He is tri-color black white. price $1200.00 posted  June 4, 2023 --  fully vaccinated and wormed