Puppies & upcoming litters

FEMALES: Dolly- SOLD, Idaho Martha-SOLD, Idaho Bette-SOLD, Texas Barbara-SOLD, Idaho Lucy-SOLD, Colorado

MALES: Jimmy-SOLD, North Dakota Calvin -SOLD, California Grover-SOLD, Texas

Broken Circle Aggie X Broken Circle Red Rover

8 Puppies born Feb. 22, 2022------ 2 males and 2 females available pictures coming!

With a cross like this you cannot go wrong. Why wait any longer! This litter is a 3x cross that is proven on many differnet levels 1. People friendly, love their humans are super willing to please 2. These puppies will create lots of movement on their stock 3. They should bite bothe ends and a front foot Aggies puppies also make very nice sheep dogs.

several deposits have already been made: to get on the list - $1000.00 /$500 deposit

please email or call me with questions I can take venmo/ checks for deposits . please fell free to call me anytime #208-741-0969

Broken Circle Aggie

Broken Circle Red Rover

Rye X Imported Burndale Ben

tri-color short hair born March 5, 2022 ALL PUPPIES SOLD

Both Rye and Ben are tri-color and upright ears Rye is a bigger size female and both have short hair.. Rye is a looser eye type dog that loves to go go go She will bite both ends and is super freindly, house broke and has a great personality. Rye is very loyal and loves to work cattle. you can check out information on Ben on the breeders page. I love Ben . I imported him in summer of 2021.. He is a super dog with great presence on stock.. He is alot of business and very forward in his position..Ben Has a big scope and is very intense.. I am now able to see his puppies from the fall litters and Love what I see.. Ben is a phenominal worker! to order your puppy please call 208-741-0969 price $950 /deposit $475.00


Imported Burndale Ben

SBC Lou X Imported Burndale Ben

puppies born Feb 28-all puppies traditionally marked Black and white

3 females available Lou DNA panel 100% clear - Hip xrays outstanding!

I purchased Lou From Katie Starr of Paulina Oregon. I loved her mother and she is 90% my breeding going back to my Sue 3x. She also goes back to one of the nicest ranch dogs Ive had "Goodwin Reba" She was super tough , great stamina, fortitude, prestine balance and big gathers.. Lou is very talented and super fun to work.. She has a boat load of style and has a correct bite and lots of steering. Breeding her to Ben will bring out style and super keen! Just a side note - Lou also goes back to a legend of a dog Geordons Shep It doesnt get better then this pedigree for ranch work price $1000.00 deposits $500 call 208-741-0969


Imported Burndale Ben

Kirk-SOLD, Idaho Uhura-SOLD, Idaho Mira -SOLD, Idaho Edith-Avail Leila-SOLD, Idaho