Trained & Started Dogs

Hope Sells at The Western Select Stock Dog Sale in Pendleton, Oregon April 30, 2022

Well started to fully trained dogs for sale. (posted December 5, 2021)

Broken Circle Sleeve SOLD/Ohio

Sleeve Also goes Back to the Great Geordons Shep and also Wizz He is a classy handsome dog with short hair Split face. He is athletic and doing very well in training.. He will be a medium size male dog 9 months old.. He also goes back to Grants Jake a big confident dog that was fearless on cattle. Sleeve can be bought as a well started dog or fully trained with a deposit call for details

Robin #208-741-0969

Broken Circle Shep Sire is Broken Circle Red Rover Dams Father is Geordons Shep sale Pending

Shep is a big frame dog with tones of potential . He is loyal and direct. He is a fluid mover with confience to boot he is 9 months old and in a trainnig program . You can buy him well started or fully trained. please call me with details on how to make this dog yours.. His pedigree is strong with cattle dog lines running through many generations.. The great Geordons Shep was a legend of power confidence and mental toughness.

Shep also produced my Broken Circle Wizz Who won the National Cattle Dog finals in 2013 and many numerous trails through out his career.. He best served me as my #1 ranch dog, partner and was a team player always. BC Shep is traditional markings black and white with long hair.

please feel free to call me I would love to talk dogs Robin Brown #208-741-0969