I specialize in stockmanship and cattle dogs.

I teach you how to manage your dog with less stress on the livestock and how to work in a confident and quiet manner in all aspects of ranching whether it be in open country, timber forest or the high-pressure areas of working facilities, pens, corrals, and loading chutes.

I offer all levels of training - from the very novice/beginner to the well advanced. And I give lessons year-round - either group or  individual - in how to become successful in trialing.

The clinics I offer teach how to get the most out of your stockdog, regardless of

the breed. I'm very good at troubleshooting and correcting any ongoing problems.

Pricing:  2022

Most Saturdays is lesson/training day where you will learn about the foundation concepts and watch demonstrations that will help you achieve your goals to improving your relationship with your stock-dog.

( Lesson days will be offered during the winter months as well. Small indoor arena also available

Bring your dog and come enjoy a day filled with over 35 years of experience/knowledge of living a life with ranch dogs!

Lessons/work/mini clinic days every Saturday from 10:00-4:00  

please bring your own chairs, lunch, shade and refreshments

$75.00 per dog 

Please RSVP  if you plan to attend a Saturdays Group Lesson.

Private Lessons: 1 dog:  $75.00  ~  puppies 6 months or younger $50.00

Group Lessons: (2 or more people): $70 per person, per dog

Clinics: $400 per day, per dog.

(Each handler should get two workouts each day with a dog.)

Please Contact Me for additional details.

Prices as of 1-1-2022

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